Producer of the Year


When your city votes and you win, it pushes you to do more. Be more creative, show versality and make music for the culture.

As the winner of the Producer of the Year 2019, thank you Charlotte and Queen City Awards, I felt the need and responsibility to create #ProduceroftheYear. This body of work was created, with no regrets.  This compilation consist of instrumental beats that any artist can use to create their own masterpieces, while also being a great asset for other musical needs. 

As I work tirelessly and effortlessly on this project, I kept all of Charlotte in mind.  This is for you, the one thinking that they can’t make it, the one that believes their career won’t take off, the one still working a 9 to 5 with a dream.

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From engineering, to producing, to writing…#itsjuswork

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